Best Portable Dog Shower UK 2023

Does your precious pooch somehow come back caked in mud and dirt after every walk you go on? If the answer is yes, then it sounds like you need a portable dog shower. Designed to wash your dog on the move, invest in an outdoor shower for dogs to keep your car and your house spotless.

Most mobile dog washers are compact and lightweight so that you can shower your dog anytime, anywhere. So, whether you’ve been on a long forest walk, are heading to the beach or a doggy-friendly weekend getaway, a portable dog washer is an essential to have in your dog-walking arsenal. Simply throw your dog washing machine in the boot of your car and scrub your pup clean while you’re out and about.

Go ahead and scroll through our top picks of the best portable dog washers in 2023. Be sure to check out our guide to the best dog crates for car travel, too!

Best outdoor shower for dogs

Mud Daddy Portable Dog Washer

The Mud Daddy portable dog washer has been billed as the ultimate outdoor dog shower. But does it live up to the hype? We think it does. The patented design of the Mud Daddy portable dog shower is available in three different sizes, including 5L, 8L and 12L to suit the size of your pup and your washing needs. Pressurised by hand, this dog cleaning machine packs enough power when coupled with the brush to fight the toughest mud or dirt. Shaped like a kind of petrol can, the hose can be used in conjunction with the soft bristled brush to get rid of any sticky mud and hair. The 2m-long hose is ideal for reaching those hard-to-reach places, especially if your pooch doesn’t like bath time and won’t keep still.

The 5L Mud Daddy dog paw washer is one of the smallest and lightest models available, ideal for single-use excursions. With great grips, this dog shower hose is super easy to carry, even when it’s full to the top. There’s also an on/off lever that gives you total control over the flow of the water. If you fill the Mud Daddy with hot water it will remain warm for up to 2.5 hours so you can even use it as an outdoor warm dog shower during chillier months. If you need the water to stay warm for longer, you can also purchase a nifty neoprene sleeve to retain heat more efficiently. Alternatively, if you have a larger dog or multiple who love getting muddy, the 5L portable dog washer probably won’t hold enough water to clean them all. Luckily, though, there’s also 8L and 12L versions you can buy.

Petacarium Insulated Outdoor Dog Shower

Next up on our list of the best portable dog washers in 2023 is the Petacarium Insulated Outdoor Dog Shower. Available in two sizes, 5L and 8L, these mobile dog washers can cater for both small and large pups. Resembling an oxygen tank, this dog washing machine features smooth, curved lines and each model comes with its own colourful neoprene jacket to keep the water inside warmer for longer. The handle feels very sturdy, perfect for maximum pumping to pressurise the water flow. When you’ve finished using the portable dog shower, the handle locks into a closed position for safe storage. The shower head that comes with this dog washer has an adjustable dial with eight different settings which allow you to alter the stream of water. Whether you want mist, spray or stream, you can choose whatever suits your four-legged friend with the Petacarium dog cleaning machine.

Lightweight and fairly compact, this portable dog washer is super easy to transport wherever you might be taking your pooch. Another design factor that helps with carrying is the adjustable shoulder strap – this is especially helpful for the larger and heavier 8L outdoor dog shower. The hose of the Petacarium dog washing machine is a convenient 1.3 metres long, allowing you to reach in all the nooks and crannies. You can also buy a handy brush accessory separately that’s ideal for scrubbing away touch mud patches. Overall, if you’re looking for a portable dog shower that will accommodate to any type of dog, then the Petacarium might be the best bet for you.

Hozelock PortaShower Dog Cleaning Machine

The Hozelock Portashower is another great option for mucky pup owners. Offering a huge 7-litre capacity while still managing to be conveniently compact, this dog washing machine is an all-rounder. Measuring in at just 46 cm in height, it’s surprisingly easy to carry and store. And, making it even easier to transport is the carry strap that comes with each model. This exceptional portability makes this one of the best portable dog washers for camping and caravanning.

Meanwhile, the easy-to-control hand spray and 2-metre hose means you’ll have your pup spotless in no time. With an approximate spraying time of three minutes, this dog shower hose gives you plenty of time to get off all that grub. And, the Hozelock doesn’t just have to be used for dogs, this multipurpose dog cleaning machine can also be utilised for watering your garden or cleaning the car. So, if you’re looking for one of the best dog paw cleaners at an affordable price, look no further than the Hozelock PortaShower.

Colapz Portable Dog Shower Kit

Specifically designed for dog washing and grooming, the Colapz outdoor dog shower is the ideal companion for doggy days out. This dog washer kit comes with everything you need to conveniently scrub down your pooch while on the go, including a durable weatherproof carry bag, a portable rechargeable battery and a full set of dog-friendly washing attachments. The neat little carry bag makes this dog washing machine easy to pack up, pop in the car and even take on walks with you. The bag is also resistant to rain, being 100% leak proof. The Colapz kit even comes with a number of handy extras, including three different shower heads for different purposes, a pump, hose and a hanging hook.

When not in use, this portable dog shower is fully collapsible, perfect for storing in a cupboard in your house, or for keeping in your tent, campervan, or car when out and about. But the Colapz outdoor shower for dogs doesn’t just have to be used for washing your mucky pup’s legs. This multifunctional shower can also double as a water source for camping or hiking. Another factor that makes this dog shower great for transporting is the rechargeable USB battery that it comes with. This battery powers the pump for around one hour for uninterrupted water flow and no need to manually pump. Overall, this is a great portable dog shower option for taking with you wherever you go. Unlike some other dog washing machines, the Colapz outdoor ddog shower kit doesn’t require you to tirelessly pump the water by hand.

Standing Boat Portable Dog Bath

As an alternative to a dog portable shower, why not opt for a foldable dog bath instead? The Standing Boat portable dog bath is perfect for the more pampered pooch. It’s a small, compact, lightweight foldable dog bath that’s both easy to carry and store. This dog bath is especially well suited to dogs that just can’t keep still as it provides a more secure environment that prevents them from running away. It also offers the ideal height for dog washing, ensuring you don’t have to awkwardly bend down and hurt your back to get to those stubborn mud patches. This dog washer also features a convenient built-in drain stopper which allows all the dirty water to run out, as well as a handy side pocket for all the cleaning accessories you might need.

This dog bathtub is designed to provide comfortable 360-degree access so you can reach all around your pooch without straining or stretching. Measuring 90.2cm (Length) x 54.9 cm (Width) x 90.2 cm (Height), this portable dog bath is ideal for most pets up to 40kg. So, whether you have a small or medium sized dog, this bathtub will get the job done. Featuring a Pull & Pack Folding System, you can fold the Standing Boat mobile dog bath in a matter of seconds, ready to be stored straight away.

There you have it: our list of the best portable dog washers in 2023. From compact showers with all the accessories to handy fold-away bath tubs, you’re sure to find the perfect dog washing machine for you and your pooch. Be sure to check out our guide to the best dog car seats, too!


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