7 Best Mini Travel Hair Straighteners UK 2022

Keep your luscious locks sleek and shapely while travelling anywhere with our picks of the best travel hair straighteners. Let’s face it: no one wants to forego their beauty essentials when packing for a trip, risking unruly, frizz-free hairstyles. No need to worry, though, with a pair of mini travel straighteners, you can leave your usual bulky irons behind and still get the same sleek results wherever you are in the world.

Compact yet powerful, our list of the best mini travel straighteners features everything you need to get pin-straight results. Whether you’re looking for portable straighteners for fine hair, flat irons for curly hair, easy-to-pack cordless straighteners, or a budget-friendly mini straightener, you’re sure to find a pair to suit your hairstyling needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and discover the best travel straighteners in 2022.

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Best mini travel straighteners

GHD Unplugged Cordless Mini Hair Straightener

Best travel straighteners for: minimal heat damage

Anyone who’s anyone knows that GHD is the go-to brand when it comes to hairstyling products thanks to the launch of their signature ceramic-coated flat irons in 2001. Today, GHD is going above and beyond in the hair care world with their Unplugged cordless travel straighteners which largely replicate the brand’s full-sized version. These mini cordless hair straighteners have ceramic plates that promise seamless flattening with minimal damage, whether you’re curling or straightening your hair. Measuring 2cm in width, the plates of these mini straighteners are a little narrower than those on the standard-sized models. This, along with their light weight, makes them super easy to shove in your bag and take anywhere without feeling their addition. The narrowness of the plates is also offset by the fact that they’re mounted on ‘floating springs’, allowing the plates to adjust to the hair as straighten it. Ultimately, this reduces the time it takes to style hair and, in turn, minimises the length of time hair is exposed to heat.

There’s just one heat setting of 185ÂșC, which GHD claims is the optimal temperature for minimising heat damage. These narrow hair straighteners even use dual-zone heat sensors that monitor and adjust the temperature as you use the tool, reducing the risk of scorching. GHD also claims that these cordless mini straighteners can hold 20 minutes worth of charge and are said to heat up in just 45 seconds, perfect for when you’re getting ready in a rush. These portable hair straighteners are incredibly easy to charge using a standard USB-C port which means you don’t need to carry an extra charging dock with you. A mains adapter and USB cable come with the straighteners. So, if you’re looking for the best mini travel straighteners to guarantee easy and efficient hair styling without the heat damage, splash out on the GHD Unplugged cordless mini straighteners.

Cloud Nine Micro Portable Hair Straightener

The best mini straighteners for: glossy results

Perfect for on the go styling and quick touch ups, these Cloud Nine Micro Portable Hair Straightener offers the brand’s exclusive Kinder Styling Technology and Mineral-Infused Ceramic Plates. This one-of-a-kind technology delivers glossy, healthy results that can withstand all kinds of humidity and heat wherever you are. The protective heat guard of these mini travel straighteners means you don’t have to worry about damaging surfaces or other items when putting them in your bag. Although these portable straighteners aren’t cordless, the cord is a good length so that you don’t have to stretch to reach the plug. This travel mini straightener heats up to 190 degrees Celsius so you don’t have to stand around waiting for ages before heading out. Just six inches in length, this is one of the smallest straighteners, perfect for fitting in any bag and not weighing you down while on the move. Each one even comes with a convenient drawstring pouch for carrying them in.

Babyliss Elegance 235 Mini Hair Straighteners

Best portable hair straighteners for: flexibility

Practical and affordable, the Elegance 235 Babyliss travel hair straighteners do everything you need them to do. With a choice of three heat settings and ceramic plates, you’ll be able to achieve a sleek look without causing damage to your hair. Measuring just 10cm in length, these mini travel straighteners will leave plenty of room in your luggage for other essentials. And at just 2.5cm in width, these narrow hair straighteners allow for maximum precision when catching loose fly-aways or styling your fringe. These travel size hair straighteners also feature a 3m long swivel power cord that makes them incredibly easy and flexible to use when hotel hopping. They also come with an auto shut-off functionality to prevent the straighteners damaging surfaces or causing injury to you. Not only are these travel mini hair straighteners super practical, they look great too! Available in a classy dusky pink colour with a hint of sparkle, these are some of the best travel straighteners for combining both style and function at an affordable price.

Toni & Guy Illusions 2 Travel Straighteners

Best cordless hair straighteners for: value

With a unique design and high safety standards, you can be sure you’re in good hands with the Toni & Guy Illusions 2 portable hair straighteners. One of the best mini hair straighteners at a more than affordable price, you can’t go wrong with a pair of cordless travel straighteners for this value! Whether you’re looking to straighten, curl or create natural-looking waves, these cordless mini straighteners will do the job! The curved shape of these portable straighteners help to create effortless curls, while also providing a sleek finish for those who just want quick touch-ups. So, rather than having to take a pair of straighteners and a pair of curlers on your trip, you can combine both functionalities into one with the Illusions 2 travel straighteners! These cordless mini straighteners also feature a warning light on the exterior, along with an easy access on/off switch to guarantee maximum safety. There’s also temperature control and a 2m lead for those hotel rooms that don’t have mirrors near plugs. These portable hair straighteners also heat up in no time at all and have 5 different temperature options. Again, these travel hair straighteners don’t just perform brilliantly; they look the part too! They come in a lovely silver colour with a touch of copper, along with a pretty heat-proof bag.

Babyliss 9000 Cordless Travel Straighteners

Best travel straighteners for: curly hair

These high-tech irons are certainly some of the best travel hair straighteners when it comes to taming curly locks. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, these cordless mini straighteners means they can work at full capacity for 30 minutes. This makes them perfect for travelling around, ensuring they don’t die on you at the most important moment. They also come with a neat safety feature that means they won’t ever turn on by themselves, and there’s a heat-proof cover for good measure. The plates of these travel size hair straighteners are ceramic to ensure less heat damage to your hair, and they also float! This essentially means that they are more flexible than your standard hair irons as they allow you to clamp the two plates together more effectively. These portable straighteners also feature a patented micro heating matrix technology that ensures a consistent temperature while styling to further minimise damage. This is perfect for curly hair that is more prone to heat damage and frizz. So, if you’re looking for the best mini straighteners for curly hair, look no further than the Babyliss 9000 cordless travel straighteners.

Remington Hydraluxe Pro Travel Hair Straightener

Best mini hair straighteners for: glossy finish

On first glance, you might think the Remington Hydraluxe Pro travel hair straighteners are like any other you’ve seen. But, unlike most normal models, these travel mini hair straighteners feature an opaque blue reservoir and spout on the side – this is where they start to stand out! The reservoir must be filled with water by lifting the front end up and pulling it out. Simply open the plug using the tab and fill it with water using the pipette provided. This means that these portable hair straighteners can make the most of their hydracare technology. Putting the travel straightener into action is pretty simple too. There are four buttons to choose from: on/off, plus and minus buttons to adust the temperature, and a blue one that activates the hydracare function when held down for two seconds. Despite this fabulous functionality, these portable hair straighteners do feel a little more bulky than some of the other options on this list. But they don’t feel that much heavier and the impressive features make up for it – in our opinion.

So, there you have it: our pick of the very best mini travel hair straighteners, perfect for taking anywhere! Say goodbye to dragging around large, bulky straighteners with these innovative, portable hair straighteners. For more travel tech inspiration, go ahead and check out our guide to the best travel laptops.


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