The 10 Best Compact Space Saving Gadgets for Travelling in 2023

Given the ever-increasing list of luggage restrictions and limits, it has never been more important to pack smart. Planning what you’re going to take on your next trip can be difficult as it is, never mind when airlines constantly change weight limits and hand luggage sizes. I have put together a list of the best space saving gadgets for travel in 2023. These compact travel gadgets and accessories will ensure you can fit all your essentials in your luggage so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

1. Bellroy Compact Tech Kit | £45.00

There is nothing worse than having hundreds of wires loose in your suitcase or backpack only to have to unravel them all when you reach your destination. This handy compact travel wire and tech organiser from Bellroy provides a convenient solution to this all too familiar problem for frequent travellers.

The Bellroy compact tech organiser features pockets and elastic loops to securely store chargers, a computer mouse, a power bank, cables, dongles and much more. With each piece of tech having its own special spot in the case, this smart cable tidy makes organising your travel tech super simple. The case also features a padded exterior to keep all your tech protected but still maintains an incredible compactness that easily squeezes into an already-full bag.

2. Wacaco Nanopresso | £47.90

The ideal space-saving travel gadget for coffee lovers. The Wacaco Nanopress might be superbly small, but it is packed with plenty of neat capabilities making coffee on-the-go easier than ever. Giving espresso with ease a whole new meaning.

The Wacaco portable espresso machine features an innovative, ergonomic design which makes it your travel companion of choice. Surprisingly small and compact despite its impressive functionality, this portable coffee maker is super easy to hold and pack. A truly unique design, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching a maximum of 18 bars of pressure for unbeatable coffee extractions qualities. Weighing just 336 grams, this portable espresso machine has been engineered to be shockingly lightweight whilst maintaining a solid feel. Not only is it convenient to travel with, but it is also incredibly easy to operate and use. Despite being so compact, the Nanopresso water tank can hold an impressive 80ml of water.

Fjallraven Travel Wallet | £47.45

Fjallraven is best known for their super durable and comfy backpacks, but their travel wallet is just as useful. Keeping track of all your travel essentials, including passports, bank cards and tickets, can be incredibly stressful. This compact travel wallet makes organising such essentials simpler and stress-free.

Crafted from Fjallraven’s very own blend of hard-wearing G-1000 fabric, this compact travel wallet upholds their commitment to producing high-quality and functional travel gear. Inside, this nifty little travel wallet features handy compartments for passports, boarding passes, cash, cards and even a pen. Having specific compartments for each of your travel essentials is super useful in helping your keep everything organised and safely tucked away.

2. Eagle Creek Tech Compression Packing Cubes | £22.20

The must-have accessory for saving space when packing. The Eagle Creek Tech Packing Cubes makes shoving as much stuff into your suitcase as possible so much easier. If you’re someone who likes to take your whole wardrobe with you, then you must invest in these compression packing cubes.

These Eagle Creek packing cubes give you the incredible ability to throw as much stuff as possible into them and then compress to 1/3 of their size without having to sit on the bag to do it. Made from super lightweight fabrics, these packing cubes add minimal extra weight to your luggage so that you can still make sure you stay below the airline’s weight limits. Available in a range of three sizes, you can easily fit the cubes neatly into your suitcase, making your packing even more organised.

3. Jydmix Universal Travel Adapter | £18.95

The essential space-saving gadget for the modern traveller. We’ve all experienced the annoying problem of having to take multiple travel adapters to meet our tech needs in the different countries we’re visiting. A universal travel adapter solves this issue by being able to fit any international socket.

What is particularly useful about this Jydmix universal travel adapter is that it not only fits every socket, but it also comes with four convenient USB ports. This means that this travel adapter has the potential to charge five devices simultaneously. With the ability to be used in over 150 countries, you could save plenty of space in your suitcase with this single multi-use travel adapter.

4. Anker Portable Travel Power Bank | £34.99

Portable chargers have been around for a while now, but they remain just as popular amongst avid travellers and it’s not difficult to see why. There is nothing worse than being out and about and having your phone die, especially if you use it for purposes such as taking photos, getting directions or finding the best places to visit. This incredibly compact and powerful portable charger ensures you can use your phone to your hearts content while travelling.

This Anker portable power bank charger comes with a whopping 20,100Ah battery inside, giving this charger the ability to power up your phone or tablet multiple times before needing recharging. Providing incredibly high-speed charging, you will never be left without power. Despite packing in a lot of power, this travel charger remains incredibly compact. Featuring an innovative slim design and a lightweight feel, you can easily pack this power bank in your bag without taking up much space.

5. Eono Microfiber Travel Towel | £7.99

If you have to take a towel with you on your travels, then you should always opt for a compact microfiber towel in order to take up minimal space. This microfiber travel towel from Eono is ideal for slipping into your suitcase without pushing you over the luggage weight limits.

Eono’s collection of microfiber towels are perfect for travellers because they each come with a handy carry case which can be securely zipped up. This is incredibly useful when you’re on the move and are forced to pack a wet towel in your bag as you can ensure it doesn’t come into contact with all your dry clothes and belongings. These microfiber towels are available in a range of different sizes so you can choose which is most likely to fit nicely into your bag. The smallest sized travel towel is 60 by 30cm for if you’re trying to travel ultra-light.

7. Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow | £19.95

Although comfort when on the plane is important for most travellers, many travel pillows are too big and bulky to pack in your hand luggage. But, not the Travelrest travel pillow.

Travelrest has completely redesigned the travel pillow, making it more compact and easier to pack. Rather than the usual horseshoe shape of travel pillows, it features a wider section for resting your head and a tapered section for you to hold onto. Despite looking fairly large at first glance, this travel pillow is actually inflatable and can be inflated in as little as two puffs. It can then be quickly deflated and rolled up when finished using and tucked away back in your bag. This inflatable travel pillow even has a fastening at the bottom which can be used to secure the rolled up pillow to your luggage handle if there isn’t enough room inside your luggage.

9. Steamery Cirrus Travel Steamer | £110.00

Encapsulating everything we love about slick, minimalist Scandinavian design, this travel steamer combines style and function. The ideal space-saving travel gadget for anyone who hates doing everyday menial chores when on holiday. An innovative alternative to the iron!

Just a few quick swipes over your clothes and they will have never looked crisper. Perfect for those who like to hastily throw their crumpled clothes into a suitcase and go, this portable travel steamer will speedily de-wrinkle even the most creased garments. This nifty little portable steamer is compact and lightweight, not taking up much room in a suitcase. It is also incredibly simple to use. All you have to do to get started is fill the tiny water tank located in the handle, switch the device on, wait 20 seconds for it to heat up and you’re ready to de-crease. This travel steamer works on all types of fabrics, from silk to linen.

10. This Works Travel Diffuser | £30.00

The best space-saving gadget for a relaxing travel. This compact travel diffuser from This Works will help you rest, de-stress and reconnect no matter where you are in the world.

This portable travel diffuser is powered through USB and radiates your chosen essential oil fragrance to create a relaxing environment while travelling. If you’re planning a trip away to recharge your batteries, then this portable essential oil diffuser will help you feel ultimate relaxation. Simple choose which fragrance is your favourite, pack them in your suitcase and you’re good to go. Place on your bedside table when you reach your hotel room and sleep like a baby.


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