The Best Compact Strollers for Travel 2023: Top Lightweight Travel Buggies and Prams.

Parenting life comes with enough trials and tribulations without heavy, impractical pushchairs also getting in the way. You shouldn’t have to add cramming bulky strollers into car boots or squeezing stiff prams onto planes to the list of new-parent challenges. To ensure your travels with baby are as smooth as possible, I have put together a list of my top 10 lightweight and compact travel system strollers in 2023.

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How to Choose the Best Travel Stroller?

Weight/comfort: While lightweight is great, some travel pushchairs compromise on comfort in order to make it as easy to handle as possible. However, this totally stripped back design might not suit everyone. You need to consider how much padding you think your little one requires and how long they are going to be sat in their stroller. If your baby likes to take on-the-go naps, then you are likely to want to prioritise comfort, but if you’re child likes to see what’s going on, you might be able to opt for a more lightweight and less luxurious travel pram.

Age: A fairly obvious factor to consider when purchasing a stroller for travel is whether a lightweight buggy is suitable for the age of your baby. Some travel pushchairs only have enough padding to support babies aged six months or one year or above. Therefore, you might find that you have to slightly compromise on manoeuvrability for some added padding.

Location: Where you are planning on using your travel pram is an important factor to consider. For instance, if you are planning on using your buggy in the UK, you may want to opt for a pram with a rain cover, whereas, if you are going to be using it in Spain, it might be better to get one with a sun cover. Some of the lightest weight buggies and pushchairs don’t come fitted with a sun canopy or hood so this is something you need to consider when choosing your travel stroller.

Cost: Budget is key to new parents. You don’t want to overspend when you have so many other essentials to buy for your baby. However, if you’re going to be using your travel buggy frequently, then it might be worth splashing out a bit more. Yet, if you’re just going away for a week or so, then you can probably make do and save some pennies for ice cream.

Size: As well as being super lightweight, most travel prams are designed to fold up incredibly small. This ideal for frequent fliers, or those who often use public transport or own a small car. However, this compact feature can make some travel strollers a little more pricey so if size isn’t important for you then you might want to pass. Additionally, the quality of different folding mechanisms varies hugely, so you need to find one that is suited specifically to your needs.

Aesthetic: Call me vain if you must, but sometimes looks matter just as much as practicality. Some baby pushchairs are more pleasing to the eye than others and come in a whole host of fun and stylish colours. So, whether you want a bright coloured pram for holiday or a cool neutral shade for a city break, you should be able to find one that meets the aesthetic you’re after.

So, from the incredibly lightweight to the ultra-comfortable, and from the cheap and cheerful to the super sleek and stylish – I have you completely covered with my list of the best 10 travel strollers for your globe-trotting adventures in 2022.

The Best Lightweight Strollers for Travelling:

Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Lightweight Travel Stroller | £239

Taking convenience to whole new heights is the Ickle Bubba Globe Lightweight Travel Stroller. Ickle Bubba has set out to make parenting easy at an affordable price and the Globe travel pram takes them one step closer to this goal.

Size: As the smallest of the Ickle Bubba pushchair collection, the Globe travel stroller feels featherweight when lifting out of the neat little box it comes in and really sets the standard for how convenient this buggy is. The frame is sleek but seems very durable at the same time.

The Globe pushchair also folds so neatly that it is easy to store in the corner of your car boot. Folding the Globe pram could not be simpler. All you need to do to fold it into a tidy little package is fold the hood backwards and grab the handle to make it concertina neatly down. The buggy features an auto-lock lever to keep it secure and a super comfy padded shoulder strap to carry it around. When you’re ready to unfold, you simply release the lever and flick up.

Feel: The Globe travel pram feels very sturdy and of great quality. While the handle bars are a little lower than some other strollers and isn’t adjustable, it is still really comfortable to hold, fitting into the palm of your hand perfectly. I also loved that the pushchair handle is covered in a smooth faux-leather material which helps to add to the luxury feel.

In addition to the handle, the wheels of the Globe baby buggy are small and nimble and make for a surprisingly smooth push. This is further enhanced by the suspension on all four wheels. The handy little brake pedal at the right back wheel can easily be flicked on or off and feels very secure.

Comfort: The seat of the Globe lightweight pushchair is suitable for any age, reclining when the level is pulled so that newborns can lie completely flat. This means that babies should be comfortable when sitting straight, resting or fast asleep. The only potential downside to the Glove compact pram is that it doesn’t have a rear-facing option so that you can see your little one. The seat fabric is also quite thin to help with the ultra-compact fold, but this does mean there is less padding than might be required for some younger babies.

Nevertheless, the Globe stroller does come with a luxurious foot-muff that is ideal for keeping the smallest of babies cosy and warm. This is particularly useful for when travelling to colder destinations where the weather could turn chilly. Meanwhile, the front of the pram conveniently zips off for when in warmer climates and can then act as a liner to safe-guard the seat from any inevitable spills or stray crumbs.

Aesthetic: The Ickle Bubba Globe compact stroller doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style either. Available in a range of smart and simple colours, the Globe pushchair can easily be matched to the rest of your baby luggage. Opt for a classic black to hide any stains, a light grey for summer months or a khaki green for the style-conscious. You can also customise the colour of the pushchair’s frame – choose from silver and rose gold. Being so compact and lightweight, the Globe travel pram also looks incredibly neat and tidy, with no unnecessary additions to make it look bulky.

Overall, the Ickle Bubba Globe lightweight travel stroller is a neat and mind-blowingly compact baby buggy, perfect for travelling anywhere. With all the essential features you could possibly need, a sturdy and comfortable design and surprisingly good looks, this compact travel pram is well worth its modest price tag.

Mamas & Papas Strada Travel Pram | £699.99

The Strada travel buggy is Mama’s and Papa’s lightest, most compact stroller yet! Designed for roaming city streets with ease, the Strada is an incredibly agile pushchair for aesthetic-loving parents who need some added practicality.

Size: Not only does the Strada compact stroller neatly fold away, but it neatly folds away using a single hand. This travel pram’s clever one-hand fold design is what makes this travel system stand out, allowing you to conveniently pack it away whilst holding onto another child’s hand or clearing the car boot for space.

The Strada lightweight stroller also has a surprisingly lightweight frame and durable rubber wheels, making this baby buggy extremely simple to manoeuvre around busy streets and down narrow paths. All four of the pram’s wheels also have suspension, giving your little one a super-smooth ride. However, while the wheel suspension will certainly help handle most terrains, this travel stroller is largely designed for urban living. This means that the smaller wheels might not hack it on rough country surfaces.

Feel: The Strada lightweight stroller also has a surprisingly lightweight frame and durable rubber wheels, making this baby buggy extremely simple to manoeuvre around busy streets and down narrow paths. All four of the pram’s wheels also have suspension, giving your little one a super-smooth ride. However, while the wheel suspension will certainly help handle most terrains, this travel stroller is largely designed for urban living. This means that the smaller wheels might not hack it on rough country surfaces.

The Strada baby pram does also feature an adjustable handlebar which can be customised to your perfect height for a comfortable feel. Along with the lightweight frame, this makes for easy steering, making it super simple to navigate uneven city or village streets with a baby in tow.

Comfort: No compromise on comfort! Comfort seems to be at the forefront of the design of this travel buggy – with extra padding, a soft, cosy lined seat and a padded safety harness buckle, your little on is in for a treat. The handy zip-away hood and mesh side panels ensure that the inside of the pushchair stays well ventilated so your baby stays cool in warmer weather. The mesh panels also act as handy peekaboo windows for keeping an eye on your little one throughout the day. The Strada’s multi-position seat allows your child to experiencing everything from lying completely flat for on-the-go naps to sitting upright to take in all the views.

Suitable from birth, even the smallest passengers can ride in the Strada travel pushchair. If you’re looking for a travel stroller system to grow with your child, the Strada makes a great choice. Conveniently, this stroller is also car-seat compatible, with adaptors, to suit every family’s travel needs.

Aesthetic: The first thing that grabbed my attention was the luxurious appeal of the Strada. This is the perfect baby buggy for the style-conscious parents and baby. The simple, sleek appearance is created by the stroller’s hard-wearing, water-resistant woven fabric, combined with leather-effect handles and a cute little under-seat basket. The Strada lightweight pram is available in a handful of sophisticated shades, including Carbon Black, Grey Mist, Navy and Cashmere.

The Mama’s and Papa’s Strada pushchair is a compact travel system ready for action! A fabulous travel stroller that balances style, performance and comfort all in one.

iCandy Lime Foldable Travel Buggie | £750

A hybrid of the Orange and Raspberry models, the iCandy Lime is the all-new innovative fold system travel pushchair that claims to be quick, easy and compact. What more could you want from a travel stroller?

Size: The iCandy Lime lifestyle pushchair is ideal for parents who want a travel stroller to see their baby through from birth all the way to toddlerhood. Incredibly compact, yet large enough to cater to all ages, the Lime travel pram provides the best of both. When folded the Lime travel buggy is surprisingly compact which is great for those who have limited space to store it or for those who plan to take it on their travels. However, while the Lime compact pram uses a one-handed fold design, I found that it actually required two hands to fold easily.

Feel: The iCandy Lime compact pram feels very robust but isn’t too heavy to push. Despite the sturdy frame and luxuriously padded seat, the Lime travel system feels exceptionally lightweight. In addition, the wheel suspension makes the pushchair easy to manoeuvre, even on the most uneven of surfaces, making it ideal for country or urban pursuits.

The iCandy travel stroller also features a spacious basket below the seat. This comes in super handy for storing those essentials that you need to be able to get to in a hurry – whether that’s nappies, baby wipes or snacks. The lifestyle bundle also comes with a matching changing bag for even more storage and this can conveniently be worn as a backpack to keep your hands free for other important parenting tasks.

Comfort: The iCandy baby buggy stands out for its luxurious comfort. You can conveniently purchase the whole Lime travel system as a complete package, including a carrycot and seat unit. This is great because it means that the unit can be positioned either parent- or front-facing to suit you and your child. Everything you could possibly need is included in the lifestyle pushchair bundle, even a matching changing bag and foot muff, as well as the rain cover and adaptors to be affixed to the carrycot or a compatible car seat.

The seat unit of the Lime lifestyle stroller is super comfy, especially when used in combination with the included foot muff. This makes it a little less suited to smaller babies, but they will soon grow into it. The seat unit is also reversible, allowing your baby to face either way. For younger babies, it is nice to have them facing you so you can keep a close eye on them. Whereas, older toddlers can benefit from being able to see where they’re going and what’s happening around them. The carrycot is also great as it can also be used for overnight sleeping which means that you don’t have to take an extra cot with you, saving you loads of extra space. The only downside to the carrycot is that it doesn’t have a safety harness to keep its passenger in place.

Another stand out feature of the Lime travel buggy is the integrated ride-on board which is ideal for those who has an older child who is likely to get tired of walking when out and about sightseeing.

Aesthetic: iCandy are known for their bold and bright colours and the Lime pushchair is no exception. It is available in six eye-catching colours, including Turmeric Yellow, Glacier Blue, Mulberry Purple, Onyx Black, Cedar Red and Lime Green. So, it would be difficult to lose the iCandy Lime pram in a crowd and these fun colour options are great for creating summer holiday vibes. The iCandy Lime blends together luxurious style with practical design to create an iconic lightweight and compact travel pushchair.

So, if you’re looking for a travel stroller system that is incredibly lightweight, perfectly manoeuvrable and stand-out stylish, and you aren’t put off by the bright colour combinations, then the iCandy Lime might just be the travel pram of choice for you and your baby.

Britax Holiday 2 Lightweight Travel Pushchair | £100

The Britax Holiday 2 is a shiny new update on the Britax Holiday with a range of innovative new features. Designed specifically for travelling, is this lightweight and compact stroller perfectly suited to your next summer vacation?

Size: At just 5.5kg, the Holiday 2 really is designed for travelling and quick trips around town. Being incredibly compact and folding up neatly, the Britax Holiday 2 stroller takes up barely any space. This is great for when you have to store it in a hotel wardrobe or squeeze it onto a bus. The folding mechanism is super simple – just push on both sides of the pram, causing it collapse in a matter of seconds. The pram wheels do stick out a little but they can be conveniently used as a stand to hold the pushchair up if needed. A slight niggle with this compact design, however, is its length. Measuring 60cm in length when folded, this travel pushchair is over the limit to take on a flight as hand luggage, with the maximum length usually being 56 cm.

Yet, to make up for this tiny slip, the Holiday 2 travel pushchair features its very own carry handle which makes it so much easier than other travel prams to carry. The handle stays tucked out of the way when unfolded but means that the lightweight pushchair can be effortlessly carried on your shoulder when not in use.

Feel: Being astonishingly lightweight at just 5 kg, the Holiday 2 travel pram can easily be pushed using just one hand, despite it having two separate handlebars. The handlebars are a tad lower than some other pushchairs and aren’t adjustable, but that didn’t matter much for me at just 5 ft 4 inches.

Although it is incredibly easy to push, it doesn’t feel like the most sturdy travel buggy I have ever used. For a lightweight pushchair, it definitely felt sturdy enough to withstand a holiday with lots of walking but might not hack it as your main go-to pram for everyday use. It in no way compares to the smooth suspension of full-sized buggy, but it certainly doesn’t feel too flimsy. The front wheels swivel which allows for simple manoeuvrability and there is a brake the right-hand rear of the stroller which can be easily flicked up or down as needed.

Comfort: When a buggy has the ability to fold as small as the Holiday 2, something has to give, however, and in this case it is the reclining seat feature of many other travel prams. With the seat only having the ability to be positioned upright, this travel pushchair isn’t ideal for younger babies who will likely want to take regular naps. The seat is also on the narrow side, measuring in at just 28 cm wide and 21 cm in depth. So, although the seat is fairly padded and comfortable, the single seat position means that this level of comfort is largely limited.

The Holiday 2 travel stroller can also only face forward, without the advantage of a parent-facing mode nor a mesh window to look through. Nevertheless, this compact pushchair is so tiny that it doesn’t take much to pop your head round the side to quickly check up on your little one.

Another slight let down of the Holiday 2 lightweight travel buggy is its lack of additional special features. With this being a stroller for travel, you would expect it to have a well-sized hood to protect your child from the sun and to keep it out of their eyes. However, another compromise Britax has made to optimise this stroller’s compatability, is the size of the hood which is disappointingly small. The Holiday 2 pram also lacks a rain cover, although they can be purchased separately if you’re travelling somewhere with an unpredictable climate.

Aesthetic: Yet, what is great about the hood on this pushchair is what it looks like. With each pram hood being a bright and fun colour, it adds to the whole holiday theme. This travel stroller is available in a range of six different colours which are incredibly eye-catching so you won’t have any trouble picking out which is yours on the luggage carousel.

The Britax Holiday 2 is definitely worth considering for parents who are looking for a lightweight and compact buggy for slightly older children. Although there are a few small downsides of this pram, for the very reasonable price, it is worth it for parents who are only planning a handful of trips away before their kid outgrows it.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Travel Stroller | £459

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is the go-to compact urban stroller, perfect for towing two children around town. Known for making prams designed for active lifestyles, The City Tour 2 Double Pushchair is Baby Jogger’s most compact design yet.

Size: The lightweight buggy frame and superb compact design means that this double travel pram is about the same width of a single buggy. Measuring a surprisingly slim 66.5 cm wide, this double buggy can be used on public transport and fit through doorways just as easily as a single pushchair, making it ideal for travelling with two young children.

Being so shockingly slimline for a double stroller, the City Tour 2 has an seemingly innovative Z-shaped fold. However, this folding mechanism isn’t quite as impressive as it first seems. It is quite difficult to engage the auto lock and, given that it only locks the frame, the handlebar inevitably gets in your way. Other than that, the fold is quick and simple once you’ve practised a few times over and when folded, the buggy is very conveniently freestanding.

Feel: The City Tour Double stroller is exceptionally light in comparison to other double buggies and can be easily carried using either the slim frame or useful seat straps. Weighing in at just 10.5 kg, this pram’s biggest selling point is its unbeatable lightness. And, despite it’s lightweight feel, this compact stroller doesn’t feel as though it compromises on safety or stability. The materials feel and look good quality and City Tour 2 Double boasts a robust metal frame that feels more than sturdy enough to hold two toddlers.

The pushchair features an easy-to-use foot brake – simply push the brake lever down with the bottom of your foot and off with the top. The four rubber composite wheels are perfectly suited to pavement or any other form of smooth urban terrain. However, they certainly aren’t made for off-roading, being a fair bit smaller than full-sized buggies. Also, even though the baby buggy is so lightweight, it can be difficult to steer, having to put a fair bit of force into pushing it compared to other travel systems. And, although the front wheels do swivel, the buggy is fairly heavy to turn and steer, even on smooth urban surfaces.

Comfort: Designed to meet European safety standards, the City Tour 2 Double travel system can carry two children weighing up to 15 kg each. This 15 kg weight limit will see your child through to three or four years of age so you can get plenty of use out your travel pushchair. The double buggy comes with two forward-facing seats which both have adjustable calf support and infinite recline to allow both children to relax when needed. The bassinet can be affixed to the pram with connectors and is ideal for overnight sleeping when removed from the frame so that you don’t have to take an extra cot on your travels. It even comes with a mattress cover to make it even better suited for sleeping.

This Baby Jogger travel stroller system even comes with a five-point safety harness to keep even the smallest of babies safe and secure in the seat. The waist and shoulder straps can be clipped together to strap your child in with just two quick clicks. The pushchair straps are adjustable and padded enough to feel comfortable for your little one. Both pram and seats come with a UV50+ canopy so that both children can stay protected from the sun when on vacation. The canopies are extendable to provide decent coverage and come with pop-out sun visors for added shade. Unfortunately, the pram doesn’t come with a rain cover but one that covers both seats can be purchased separately.

Aesthetic: The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double travel stroller system isn’t eye-catching like the iCandy Lime but it certainly is smart enough for roaming around town. The buggy is available in a range of neutral colours, including Carbon, Seacrest, and Jet Black. The material is attractive and feels high quality, while the stitching on the seats makes a nice added touch.

It may not be ideal for rougher terrains and it’s not the easiest to steer, but the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double travel pushchair makes the perfect option for city breaks. For a double travel buggy, the City Tour 2 is better than most, seating two children comfortably and still being lightweight and compact enough to travel with.

Babyzen YOYO 2 Compact Travel Buggy | £419

The Babyzen YOYO+ is a stylish compact travel stroller that bundles everything a travelling family could ever need in a nice neat system. It does much of what you would expect from a large sized pushchair but in a teeny tiny package.

Size: It is impossible to ignore the tiny size of this travel stroller and when you see it folded, you won’t believe your eyes. It is incredible that Babyzen has managed to squeeze so much functionality into such a small parcel. Measuring just 52 cm in height, 44 cm wide and 17 cm deep, you won’t have any trouble saving space in the car or cramming it into the overhead locker of a plane. The Babyzen YOYO+ was the first stroller that folded up to meet airline cabin luggage standards so that you could easily wheel it onto a plane and fold it up there and then. Being so small and compact, it is a given that the YOYO+ travel stroller is also incredibly lightweight to travel with, weighing in at just 5.8 kg.

The folding system of this ultra-compact travel system is said to have a one-handed fold system, but it is definitely easier with two. To fold, simply press a button on either side of the hood to fold the handlebar back, then reach under the seat to press another button that releases the folding mechanism. The pushchair should then neatly fold away. You should then use the handy little clip to keep it securely closed. When you have landed in your destination and want to use the stroller again, you simply unclip the tab and shake it out to have a fully functional pram in seconds.

Feel: Despite being so super lightweight and compact, the Babyzen YOYO+ travel buggy feels very robust and is really easy to push and manoeuvre. It turns really smoothly and is genuinely really easy to push one-handed.

Unfortunately, the handlebar height isn’t adjustable, being fixed at 106 cm. This has sensibly been positioned for adults of average height but it might be a little too high or low for those who are on the taller or shorter side, causing your back to ache or arms to hurt. The handlebar of the pushchair is covered with a soft faux-leather material that makes it comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

The YOYO 2 travel stroller has individual suspension on all four of its wheels which allows the pram to better adapt to different types of surface and making smooth to push around. It copes well on anything from grass to cobbles, yet, like most travel pushchairs, the YOYO+ is most at home in an urban environment, with flat terrain.

Comfort: One of the best things about the Babyzen YOYO 2 travel buggy system is that it is functional enough to use as your main stroller, taking you right from their first days as a newborn through to around age 3 or 4, with a weight limit of 18 kg. However, to make the most of the YOYO+ travel pram, you might want to invest in a few extras. The stroller itself doesn’t lie flat which means that it’s only suitable for babies aged 6 months or older unless you purchase the newborn pack which allows your younger baby to lie completely flat and facing you. What is really impressive about this pushchair bundle is that the stroller will still fold up neatly with the newborn kit attached. The newborn seat is lined with a cosy fleece, as well as featuring a headrest, footrest and a multi-position pop-up canopy to protect them from the sun.

All of the pushchair covers are removable and washable so that you can easily clean off those inevitable stains left from on-the-go snacking. The seat in the over 6 months version of the pram is sufficiently padded for a comfortable ride. The stroller also features a nicely padded 5-point safety harness to keep your little one seated in place. And, you can keep a close eye on your little munchkin with the handy peek-a-boo window. To protect from the sun, the pushchair features a brilliant extendable hood that provides UPF 50+ protection. If the weather takes a turn for the worse you don’t have to worry as this travel stroller comes with a rain cover included.

Aesthetic: Your little one will truly be travelling in style with this on-trend travel pushchair. Available in a varied range of fairly toned-down and brighter colour options, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing which to opt for. Choose from a neutral grey, an elegant baby pink, a smart navy blue and many more.

It is a great compact travel stroller that is perfect for families that travel a lot and also for anyone that would like a fully featured stroller in a smaller package.

Uppababy Minu Compact Travel Pushchair | £199

The cute Uppababy MINU travel stroller is designed to be the ideal companion for your daily adventures. Being so small and lightweight, this practical little pushchair will seamlessly slip into a busy modern day life.

Size: The stroller arrives in a neat little box, tucked away in its very own drawstring bag. When lifting the MINU travel pram out of the box, the first thing you will notice is its weight, or lack there of. This pushchair is noticeably lightweight but still manages to retain a sense of substance.

When folded, the MINU stroller becomes even more impressive, setting aside from many others on the market. It folds down so neatly that it leaves plenty of space for extra luggage in the back of the car. The super-compact measurements of the MINU’s fold also mean that it fits into most plane overhead lockers, making air travel with a baby that bit easier. To fold this pushchair down, simply use the slide tab and button on the handlebar and lock it in place with a small lever. What makes this travel stroller even more convenient for travel is the practically placed carry handle which makes it easy to carry when folded. It also features a shoulder strap for when you need to keep both hands free to carry baby.

Feel: At first glance, the wheels of this pram do look a tad small but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t provide the smoothest of rides. Even over tougher terrains, such as grass and gravel, the wheels had no problem at all. This is perhaps thanks to the suspension on all four wheels as well as the fantastic quality rubber material of the tyres.

This lightweight travel buggy has a push-button brake system which is operated by foot. There are two cleverly colour-coded brake buttons on each side of the rear wheels. The left button is green and, when pressed, releases the brake. Meanwhile, the right button is red which you press to engage the brake.

Comfort: Before I say anything else, the seat of the MINU compact stroller is very comfortable. The stand out feature of this pushchair seat has to be its larger size. Not only is the seat wider than those of most travel prams, but it is much deeper too. This is great as it means that your little one is actually sat IN the seat, like an armchair, rather than on the seat. However, the seat doesn’t recline which means that it is only really suitable for children of 6 months or over. The seat is also fixed in a forward-facing position so you can’t easily keep an eye on younger babies.

Nevertheless, there is still the option to use the MINU travel stroller from birth with the addition of the From Birth Kit which can be purchased separately. This newborn kit essentially comprises of a soft bassinet which replaces the usual pushchair seat. This bassinet has a super-comfy mattress, perfect for a keeping a newborn comfy throughout the day or night. Like the YOYO+ with its newborn pack, the MINU still folds neatly with the From Birth Kit in place too.

The MINU stroller also has a five-point safety harness which can be altered in size using the sliders on the shoulder and waist straps. This allows you to adjust the height to suit your child as they grow. To protect your little one from the sun, the MINU pushchair features a well-sized UPF 50+ hood with a reflective pull-down visor. There is also a large peek-a-boo window present on the top of the hood, giving you a great view of your baby. An incredibly clever feature of this window is that it closes using magnets to that the ripping velcro noise doesn’t wake your little sleeper. This travel buggy also has you covered for warmer weather with a white, reflective lining which keeps your baby’s space cool so they don’t overheat.

Aesthetic: This small but powerful travel stroller is really something to feast your eyes upon. It is a stunning shape, with a clever curve-shaped handlebar, beautifully covered in 100% genuine leather hand sewn onto the buggy. This adds a touch of luxury as well as adding some extra comfort for your hands. Available in a host of muted shades to match its cool and sophisticated look, including black, grey and teal.

If you are looking for a sturdy but stylish, compact and lightweight stroller for travelling then you should certainly consider the MINU pushchair.

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