The Best Smart Luggage in 2023

To get from A to B, too many of us rely on unsatisfactory, inferior luggage that fails to meet all of our needs. With so many limits and regulations when it comes to luggage these days, it can be difficult to find a bag that meets the requirements of the airline you’re travelling with, as well as your personal preferences.

Most travel luggage is literally a drag! In fact, in 1596, the term ‘luggage’ was coined from the word ‘lug’ which means ‘to drag’. Surprisingly, 400 years into the future, many of us are still struggling to lug around heavy and poorly-designed suitcases and bags.

Finding luggage that is both stylish and practical can be tricky. Given the important job performed by your luggage, I think it is one of those things that is worth splashing out on. With luggage, you definitely get what you pay for. A higher-quality piece of luggage will withstand more and last significantly longer, making the higher price tag worth it in the long run. So, go ahead and take a look at my top recommendations for smart luggage in 2023.

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G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage | £449

Kickstarter calls this carry-on bag a ‘companion bag’, designed to accompany people who are constantly on the move, whether travelling around the world or just around the corner. The company’s thoughtfully designed carry-on bags have received a lot of attention, with huge levels of demand and it’s not hard to see why. 

The stand-out feature of the G-RO smart luggage is its wheels. The tiny wheels of most suitcases and travel bags are incredibly precarious, feeling like they might fall off any second. Travelling can be a rough ride and normal suitcase wheels are notorious for travelling terribly over difficult terrains, including bumps, grates, sand and snow. Another downside to the usual suitcase wheels is their inclination to stick out in awkward ways when trying to fit all your luggage in a small, confined space. 

The G-Ro smart suitcases have an ingenious wheel design that streamlines the whole luggage transport experience. The wheels of the G-RO suitcase feel a million times more durable than classic suitcase wheels. The G-RO wheels are integrally designed and reinforced with the case of the bag. The wheels also perform much better on tougher terrains, gliding effortlessly across most surfaces and eliminating the fear of one flying off. The larger sized wheels amazingly make the whole suitcase feel much lighter compared to normal suitcases. This is because the centre of gravity of your luggage is much closer to the centre of the wheels, giving you more control over its weight. With the wheels neatly tucked in to fit with the rectangular shape of the bag, this smart suitcase provides extra interior space so you can fit more inside, as well as a more streamlined shape for fitting into small spaces. And, if nothing else the smart design of the G-RO wheels gives this innovative luggage alternative a sleek and sophisticated design that will have you looking like a pro tech traveller. 

Not only are the wheels of the G-RO superior to most other hand-luggage options, but the handle of this smart carry-on luggage also deserves to be noted. The aircraft-grade aluminium handle is both longer and stronger than most suitcase handles. Extending six inches further than standard suitcases, you can adjust the handle to meet your preferred height. This gives you better leverage and more control over the movement of the case, making your trip smoother than ever. 

The G-Ro smart case also features a range of other nifty details that make this hand-luggage bag perfect for both work and leisure. Incredibly roomy, this carry-on case has plenty of room for personal and work items. The G-RO is large enough to take on week-long trips, yet lightweight and maneuvrable enough for your daily commute. With specific compartments for keeping your belongings, there is even a set compartment for your work stuff, an easy-access pocket for carry-on liquids and a personal pocket for essentials. And, above all, using this smart suitcase, you can even charge your laptop while you’re on the move. The G-RO has a built-in tablet stand and charging station with two handy USB ports. 

Away the Carry On Case | £265

This is a smart carry on case that has a removable battery. With much of the travel industry being transferred to the online domain, the thought of your mobile going flat at the airport is the stuff of nightmares. If you’re using e-tickets or are travelling somewhere where you need GPS, then having your phone fully charged is essential. Away’s range of carry-on suitcases aim to minimise this risk with their built-in , ejectable batteries which conform to new airline policies. Incredibly easy to use, travellers simply plug their phone or other gadgets into the built-in ports.

Not only is this smart suitcase incredibly functional with its charging potential, but is looks the part too. Available in a choice of sizes and an amazing choice of colours, you can ensure that your bag stands out on the luggage carousel. The case is made from a sleek unbreakable and unscratchable poly-carbonate shell to ensure it maintains its shape despite all the bumps it will inevitably suffer along its airport journey. The TSA-approved combination lock ensures that all your belongings are kept safe and secure and the 360-degree swivelling wheels provide fairly smooth manoeuvrability. Inside, there is plenty of space and various compartments to keep your luggage organised. There’s an inner laundry bag to sort your dirty from your clean clothes, as well as an interior compression system which ensures you can make the most of the space available.

Samsonite Pixon: The Case with Scales | £219

If you’re always stressing about exceeding your baggage allowance, this smart case with scales is perfect for you. Samsonite’s Pixon has a built-in scales so that you can be certain that you’re within the allowed weight limits and don’t get charged extra fees at the check-in desk. The handy built-in scales feature of this case means that you can make the most of your weight restrictions. Rather than skimping on what you pack, you can go to the very limit and ensure you fit all your essentials in.

Although the scales are incredibly convenient for ensuring you don’t go over the weight limit, the large size of this bag also makes that unlikely. The case’s boxy shape maximises volume, providing plenty of space for all of your travel essentials. Despite being a fairly plain looking suitcase, it manages to maintain a smart and slightly understated look that anyone can pull off. Made from PP PlyPress, the Samsonite Pixon features a scratch-resistant outer shell with a ‘pixel’ design, available in navy blue and dark grey. The Pixon smart case also features a TSA-approved kissing lock which guarantees to keep your luggage safe and secure. These locks are released by a combination set by the owner so you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting into your case.

With plenty of interior space as well, this smart suitcase is ideal for longer stays. The Samonsite Pixon features a neat divided interior which makes organised packing much easier. One half of the case is zip-up so that you can efficiently compress your packing into this section, leaving the other half available for any remaining possessions. The Pixon case also has four wheels which make it much easier to manoeuvre than those with just two wheels.

XD Design Bobby Tech: Anti-Theft Backpack | £219.95

If you’re the type of traveller who likes to tuck their purse or wallet deep into your bag to minimise the risk of it being swiftly taken from a side pocket, then this neat anti-theft backpack is the one for you. The Bobby Tech backpack is designed to prevent anyone getting in and taking your things – and it does a damn good job of it.

This smart backpack boasts a very clever design. All of the zipper fastenings are located on the back of the bag, making it almost impossible for anyone else to get in when you’re wearing it. No one could access any of the backpack’s pockets without sticking their hand between the bag and your back. The interior of the bag also features a range of sneaky compartments which would be difficult for an outsider to find. The Bobby anti-theft backpack has a large padded laptop pocket on the back, as well as a slightly smaller tablet sleeve. There is a also a secret pocket on the side where a USB cable is located so that you can store an external battery and keep it hidden away. On top of this, the Bobby Tech backpack features a handy wireless charger which will support a 10W fast-charge Samsung or Android, or a 7.5W fast-charge iPhone.

What makes the Bobby Tech smart backpack stand out from the crowd is how environmentally conscious it is. Made from an incredibly durable and sturdy eco-friendly material called RPET, this backpack is not only got gadget-loving travellers. RPET is a recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) from source like soda bottles. In addition to the material it’s made from, this smart backpack even features solar panels on its front. This means that you can even use this bag to charge your phone using solar energy.


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