9 Best Pizza Restaurants in York You Have to Try 2022

York is a quaint city, filled with boutique shops and cute independent restaurants. Steeped in history and packed full of cultural gems, you’d be forgiven for thinking all they serve here is bread and porridge. But this Viking city has been keeping up with the times, especially when it comes to our all-time favourite food – pizza of course.

From authentic Neapolitan pizza to deep-dish Detroit-style slices, the pizza restaurants in York are ahead of the game. But with pizza becoming increasingly popular in this northern city, there’s just too many to choose from. So, to save you having to try them all (because that would be a travesty, right?), we’ve rounded up our top picks of the best pizza in York in 2022.

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The Best Pizza in York 2022

Dough Eyed Pizza

Located just off Micklegate, Dough Eyed Pizza serve up some of the best pizza in York city centre. If you’re looking for made-to-order Neapolitan & Detroit-style pizza, look no further than this contemporary pizza restaurant in York, designed to be an intimate but laid-back environment where you can enjoy slice after slice of deliciousness.

Check out the menu and you’ll find a hugely impressive array of toppings to choose from. Prefer something safe? Order the classic Marinara, Margherita, Bufala or Pepperoni. Looking for something a little different? Why not try their Portobello & Truffle, Nduja Punk, Salami & Hot Honey or their Posh Amalfi. Whichever you choose, don’t worry – we know you’ll love it. As well as some of the best pizza in York, though, at Dough Eyed, you can sample a fantastic range of craft beers and specialist coffee, too. So, if you’re looking for one of the best pizza places in York with a chilled atmosphere and a brilliant selection of topping choices, look no further.

The Hop

Situated at the heart of York city centre, on one of our favourite streets: Fossgate, is The Hop, a true favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. Serving up some of the best pizza in York, along with award-winning real ales, refreshing craft beers, flavoured gin and live music throughout the week, this bar-come-pub-come-pizza-restaurant in York is a must-try. This venue is a cool, laid-back space with long wooden benches and an intricate tiled interior.

Baked to stonebaked perfection, The Hop is definitely one of the best pizza places in York. Operating on a first-come-first-served basis, though, you better be quick. On the menu, you’ll find all your favourite toppings, alongside some new ones you might not have tried before. And, why not order a sharing board or meat platter alongside your circle of goodness? Visit this pizza restaurant in York for guaranteed good food, good drinks and (most of the time) good company.

Cave du Cochon

More of a wine-with-your-pizza kinda person, make sure you head down to Cave du Cochon, a pizza place in York, as well as a Parisian-style wine bar. Featuring over 60 wines and more than 30 available by the glass, this pizza restaurant in York is not only one for pizza fans, but wine fans too. But anyone knows that the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine is a big fat pizza.

At this pizza place in York, the pizzas they serve are more pizza-meets-flatbread than deep-dish Detroit-style slices. The toppings, though, are out of this world. The ‘Nduja Want Me’ is topped with tomato, mozzarella, nduja, red onion, basil and hot honey. The ‘Ottolenghi’ features creme fraiche, smoked cheddar, marinaded mushrooms, pistachio pesto and preserved lemon. One the ‘Swino’, you’ll find tomato, mozzarella, St. Andrews cheddar, ricotta, pineapple, ham hock and jalapenos. So, if you’re looking for a pizza restaurant in York that’s also gonna provide the wine (let’s face it, who isn’t?), there’s no better place than Cave du Cochon.

Cresci Pizzeria

Considered one of the best pizzas in York, Cresci is highly-rated amongst residents in York. Serving authentic Pizza Napoletana, you can tell their homemade, pizza-oven pizzas are made with love and passion. Small but oh so mighty, this pizza restaurant in York has a great atmosphere and the decor succeeds at transporting you all the way to the streets of Italy. The staff are super friendly, always willing to give you great chat, and the pizzas are great value for money.

On the menu, you’ll find delightful classics like Margherita, Neopolitana, Bufala and Diavola. But, this pizza place in Leeds also serves a selection of special and seasonal pizzas, too. Think a spicy Calabrese, topped with San Marzano tomato, Fior di Latte mozzarella, sauteed red onions and Spilinga Nduja. Or a Sasiccia e Porcini, with mozzarella, sauteed porcini mushrooms, fennel flavoured sausage, pecorino romano cheese, basil and EVO oil. Alongside their pizza menu, Cresci also serves up a fantastic range of starters and desserts. Make sure you take a trip down to this pizza place to try some of the most authentic and best pizza in York.

Rad Pizza Shop

Located in Spark, York’s cooler than cool outdoor market and food place, Rad Pizza Shop serves up some of the best hand-stretched, wood-fired sourdough pizza in York. Making their own dough on-site, their pizzas are next-level soft, light and airy. Offering authentic Neapolitan pizza in Yorkshire, this is the pizza place in York to head to if you want locally sourced ingredients along with a great selection of drinks at the bar.

Why not try one of their Calabrese Carne, with pepperoni, spicy Calabrian sausage, parmesan, honey and basil? Or their Portobello & Truffle, a white pizza featuring black truffle, portobello mushrooms, ricotta cream and basil? Whatever your tastes when it comes to pizza, you’re sure to find the perfect topping for you at this pizza restaurant in York. So, pay a visit to Spark and order from Rad Pizza Shop to try some of the best pizza in York.

The Block

One of the lesser known and more modest pizza places in York is The Block, a small and intimate restaurant located in the heart of the city centre. Stylish and incredibly welcoming, you’ll always be greeted by friendly staff at this York pizza restaurant. They serve up some of the best handmade pizzas in York, made fresh on the day and they offer insane value of money.

Topping options here include all your classic favourites with a few twists. There’s no set menu at this York pizza place, so you’ll just have to turn up and hope they’ve got what you want on the day. But all their pizzas are incredible, so you shouldn’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for great pizza at low prices then this might be the best pizza restaurant in York for you.


A family-run pizza restaurant in York, just near the Barbican, Toto’s is a long-standing favourite in York. Inside the decor is Italian-themed, with pictures of ancestors on the walls, maps of Italy dotted around the place and old-fashioned furniture. If you’re looking to have the proper Italian pizza experience, there’s no better place than Toto’s pizza restaurant in York.

From the menu, choose from classics like Tropicana, Prosciutto and, of course Margherita. Alternatively, opt for something a little more adventurous with a Salmon e Panna (cheese, tomato, smoked salmon, cream and oregano), a Bolognese (cheese, tomato, bolognese sauce and oregano), or a Quatro Stagioni (cheese, tomato, ham, peppers, artichokes, olives and oregano). Alongside their perfectly crispy pizzas, this pizza place in York also serves up a range of delicious starters, pasta dishes, desserts and drinks. So, be sure to check out Toto’s for some of the best pizza in York, sure to get your taste buds tingling.


This pizza place in York is an independent pop-up serving New York-style, hand-stretched pizzas that never disappoint. With rave reviews on TripAdvisor, this pizza restaurant in York never falls short of ‘outstanding’!

With both veggie and meaty options available, this takeaway pizza place in York caters for all pizza lovers. Vegetarians can choose from the likes of the Ebor Veggie (tomato sauce, peppers, fresh chilli, red onion, mushroom, olives and fresh basil), the Mushroom n’ Truffle (tomato sauce, mushrooms, truffle oil, mozzarella and pecorino), or the Margherita. If you can’t cope without meat, take your pick from the Buffalo Chicken, the Meat Coma and the Ham & Pineapple. This restaurant not only serves some of the best pizza in York, they also do some great sides – BBQ pulled pork fries are the perfect accompaniment to any pizza.

Enoteca by L’UVA

An authentic Italian wine bar and pizzeria is passionate about showcasing the best in Italian culture and cuisine. Their homemade food focuses on the concept of simplicity, from their pizzas and pastas through to their risottos and steaks. Inside this pizza restaurant in York, the feel is cosy and welcoming with a laid-back atmosphere. Sat in the very centre of the city, this York pizzeria and wine bar is passionate about serving up the highest quality, authentic pizzas.

The menu is extensive, with a huge range of dishes to choose from, ensuring there’s something for the whole group. When it comes to the pizzas, though, you can take your pick from classic favourites and some more modern twists. On the pizza menu, you’ll find toppings like sliced pepperoni, runny eggs, spinach, Cajun spiced chicken, anchovies, shwarma chicken and so many more. Head down to this York pizza restaurant for a slightly more upmarket feel and pizza that matches.

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