The 12 Best Places to Holiday in October 2022

The dreamy scent of bonfire smoke, carved pumpkins on porches, blazing orange leaves, conkers scattered on the pavement, the brisk air in the morning; October brings to mind many things, but holidays? Well, with the leaves turning, the nights drawing in and the cold creeping closer, October can be the perfect month to jet away, either somewhere warmer or colder.

But where are the best places to visit in October? We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best holiday destinations in October. Whether you’re looking for the best places to go in October for sun, or chilly destinations to get you in the mood for winter, we’ve thought of everything. Go ahead and discover the best places to holiday in October in 2022, from Japan and Australia to Vienna and Canada.

The best places to visit in October 2022

The best places to go in October for sun:

Japanese Alps, Japan

Temperature: 9°C – 20°C
Season: autumn

While many trek to Japan for cherry blossom season, we would argue that Japan is in fact one of the best places to visit in autumn, with the most striking sight being the Alps blanketed in vibrant oranges, reds and yellows. October is the perfect time to go hiking, with the temperatures still being warm, but the intense humidity and rainfall for the summer months has subsided. The autumn leaves have just begun to appear, creating outstanding vistas that are reflected in green lakes and rivers. You can even embark on a multi-day hike as many of the Alp’s walking trails have been around for centuries, and so feature inns and guesthouses all along the way.

Austin, Texas

Temperature: 14°C -27°C
Season: autumn

Long known for its music scene and creative culinary delights, Austin is a crowd pleaser all year round, but this Texan city is certainly one of the best places to holiday in October. Heading into autumn, Austin’s sweltering summer heat is replaced by cooler days and longer nights, along with blue skies and low humidity. Festivals, especially, are at the centre of social life in Austin, with the major Austin City Limits taking place in October. While the city doesn’t flourish with autumnal colours like some of the other hot holidays in October on this list, but the many parks dotted throughout the city make up for it.

Rome, Italy

Temperature: 12°C – 22°C
Season: autumn

No matter your seasonal preference, no one can deny that Rome is one of the best places to go in October for sun. With fewer crowds, milder temperatures, alongside a number of cultural events and mouth-watering seasonal delicacies, make autumn a wonderful time of year to take a trip to Rome. While visiting Rome in October, be sure to get a selfie at the Trevi Fountain in the magical early-autumn sunlight without the hoards of tourists ruining the view.

Seville, Spain

Temperature: 14°C – 26°C
Season: autumn

One of the most beautiful and liveliest cities in Spain, Seville is one of the best holiday destinations in October. With streets bathed in year-round sunshine and cerulean blue skies, there is no greater time to visit Andalusia’s capital city than at the beginning of autumn. The temperatures are still warm but pleasant, there is still a good amount of sun and daylight and noticeably fewer tourists. Culturally, there’s also a lot going on in Seville in October, from pop-up galleries to gastronomic delights. Ride bikes along the river, explore the parks and make the most of the city’s nightlife as he nights start to get slightly longer.

Adelaide, Australia

Temperature: 12°C – 21°C
Season: spring

Perhaps one of the less popular Aussie destinations for tourists, say goodbye to the hotspots of Sydney and Melbourne and hello to Adelaide. The coastal capital’s wine-producing Adelaide Hills, along with surrounding farms, make this city a haven in the autumn months. This paired with October’s crisp air, blue skies and slowly dropping temperatures make this by far one of the best places to visit in October.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Temperature: 24°C – 35°C
Season: winter

By far one of the hottest places in October to visit is Dubai, but it’s still much cooler and bearable than during the summer months. While this desert city can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius and beyond in summer, in October, Dubai springs to life. Instead of bolting for the AC-cooled shopping malls and avoiding any form of al-fresco fun, beach clubs reopen, restaurant terraces get booked up and swimming in the Arabian Gulf no longer scorches the skin. But, if you’re looking for places to go in October for sun, Dubai might just be the answer.

The best chilly holiday destinations for October

Inari, Finland

Temperature: 2°C – 7°C
Season: autumn

Diversity is the name of the game in Finland during the autumn months. The south still has orange leaves and mild temperatures, while the north sees temperatures drop below zero and often snow. October can be the perfect time of year to spot the northern lights, though, thanks to the clear, dark skies. And, if you don’t fancy sitting around outside in the -15°C temperatures of winter in Finland, October is a slightly warmer period to go northern-light spotting.

Lake District, UK

Temperature: 2°C – 10°C
Season: autumn

The Lake District is never as beautiful as it is in mid to late October, when autumn colours can be seen in every direction. You can hire a boat to sale on Coniston Lake or take a trip on the National Trust’s Steam Yacht Gondola – the best and most atmospheric way to see the spectacular scenery this part of England has to offer. Think clear blue skies (when it’s not raining), mist and woodsmoke in the air, and red-gold trees covering the fells. It’s not just the views that make the Lake District one of the best holiday destinations in October, Langdale OctoberFest, the Lake District’s answer to Germany’s famous event, also attracts many to the area during this time. This lively festival is well worth a visit in October to celebrate the best of Cumbrian food and drink, music and the stunning landscape of the Langdales.

The Rockies, Canada

Temperature: 8°C – 15°C
Season: autumn

If you want a quiet escape to Banff, Jasper or Canmore, October is likely the best time to visit the Canadian Rockies. October is in the area’s low season which means you’ll miss all the usual crowds, the spike in hikers and the international rush of skiers and snowboarders. You’ll also be able to marvel at some of the most awe-inspiring views on the planet. See the picture-perfect deep green of balsam firs lit up by the yellow sunrise, as well as the crystal clear alpine lake, wonderful wildlife and astonishing national parks.

Vienna, Austria

Temperature: 5°C – 15°C
Season: autumn

Known for its grand imperial palaces and its impressive musical past, which features both Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna is an all-year-round great destination to visit. But the city tends to get very busy during both the winter and summer months, so it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in October. Autumn is the prime time to experience the city’s wine culture and a season for some of their most beloved events. In fact, one of the most awaited events of the Viennese calendar falls on the first Saturday in October, the Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of the Museums), when museums across the capital open through to the early hours of the morning. So, Vienna is by far one of the best places to holiday in October for fans of museums.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Temperature: -1°C – 3°C
Season: autumn

From seasonal hearty food to unspoiled scenery, the Scottish Highlands are undoubtedly one of the best places to go in October. Brimming with fairytale castles, glistening lochs, sprawling national parks, and charming port towns, there’s so much to explore during the autumn months, and with fewer crowds it’s much easier to do so in peace. October is also the best time to spot some of Scotland’s incredible array of wildlife, including many rare species of deer. The lasting golden evenings give way to breathtaking sunsets and the autumn months are often dry and bright before the greyer days of winter come.

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Amsterdam, Holland

Temperature: 7°C – 15°C
Season: autumn

Amsterdam is one of the most picture-perfect destinations in Europe, with historic canals, narrow, crooked houses and plenty of trees lining the streets. During the autumn months, the trees take on hues of red, yellow and orange, making the already enchanting capital even more so. The brilliant foliage transforms the city’s parks and canals, the cultural calendar is busy with events and Amsterdam bars and restaurants become perfectly cosy. Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit in October to make the most of the Instagrammable scenery and thriving events that take place here.

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