The Best Patio Heaters: Portable, Electric and Gas Patio Heaters UK

Pick out the best patio heaters with our favourite gas and electric outdoor garden heaters that will keep you snug on chillier evenings. 

Find the best outdoor heaters for your home to keep you toasty during your evening soirees. If you’re missing the great outdoors and want to enjoy the fresh air all times of the day, investing in the best garden heater will help you chase away the winter blues. 

For many, there’s no better way to spend our time than sitting outdoors in the evenings with friends and a bottle of wine. But, even in the warmer months, when the sun goes down, a dreaded chill can draw in and ruin your plans. That’s why you need one of the best patio heaters to warm your hands and feet as you bask in the chilly evening breeze.

In our guide to the best patio heaters, we’ve included a whole range that will suit any home and any occasion. Most garden heaters tend to be of the electric variety, using infrared technology to warm your hands and face directly, rather than just heating the air around you. But, we’ve also included the best gas patio heaters, which too come with their own advantages, such as being completely plug-free. 

So, whether you’re looking to warm up an outside space, a large patio, or to put under a gazebo, our list of the best patio heaters will help you decide which outdoor heater works for you. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Patio Heater?

When searching for the best patio heater for you and your garden, there are a number of things you should consider, such as size, shape, function, and efficiency. 

Whichever patio heater you decide to purchase it will need to be stored somewhere when not in use. With this in mind, the size of your outdoor heater should be a consideration. A big, bulky garden heater will only suit those with a lot of space in the shed or a dedicated patio heater space where it can stay all year round. Whereas, if you’re short of space, you might be better off buying a wall-mounted patio heater, rather than a free-standing one. 

Similarly, the size of your garden will have some influence on which is the best patio heater for you. If you have a large garden, you might be better off with a remote control outdoor heater. That way, you can have control over your garden heater from a distance. 

Those with a larger garden might also find that a gas patio heater is better suited to them. Gas patio heaters are fully adjustable, meaning that you can choose how much heat you want them to give off. They also offer a warm glow that can act as a patio light too, meaning that they’re ideal for making the most of the whole garden.

By contrast, electric patio heaters must be plugged in to work. So, if you’re sitting at the bottom of a large garden, this won’t be practical. Yet, electric patio heaters are much more energy-efficient than gas heaters as they heat you directly rather than transferring heat through the air. So, if you have a smaller garden, the best patio heater for you might be an electric one.

The Best Outdoor Heaters UK

Best Overhead Outdoor Heater: Heatlab Freestanding Electric Patio Heaters

Electric | Overhead | Wide Base | Adjustable 

Designed for a crowd, the Heatlab freestanding electric patio heater is perfect for big get-togethers with friends or family. At 71cm tall, this outdoor heater hangs high overhead to efficiently emit heat across a larger space. Offering three heat settings of up to 2000W, this patio heater is fully adjustable to suit your heat requirements. Lower settings include a 650W and 1350W settings. 

The wide base of the Heatlab electric patio heater means that it is fully stable and ideal for placing on a garden patio. The overhead design also means that it’s a discreet option that won’t put a blight on your garden landscape while you drink or entertain. 

Overall, this is one of the best electric patio heaters for entertaining a large group of people. So, if you’re a keen host, make sure you’re not stuck without the Heatlab Freestanding Electric Patio Heater. 

Best Gas Patio Heater: Dellonda Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

Gas | Wireless | Efficient | Pyramid 

Gas patio heaters tend to be the better options for people with big gardens. If you have a garden that stretches far and wide, the Dellonda Pyramid Gas Patio Heater will suit you perfectly. Being completely wireless, you can take this to the very end of your garden and still enjoy the full extent of its warmth. And, although gas heaters are never as efficient as electric patio heaters, the Dellonda is one of the more energy-efficient gas options on the market thanks to the shield at the top that keeps it from losing heat. 

When you think of a classic pub garden patio heater, this is what you envisage. With a classic pyramid design and stainless steel exterior, you can recreate those summer days spent in a beer garden with this traditional gas patio heater. The controls for this garden heater are located directly underneath, and it features a large, secure base for entertaining on outdoor patios. 

The verdict? The Dellonda Gas Patio Heater is one of the better choices when it comes to outdoor gas heaters. More efficient than most (although not as efficient as electric), wireless and stylish, this gas patio heater shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Best Portable Patio Heater: Swan Al Fresco Portable Patio Heater

Electric | Lightweight | Efficient | Compact 

Looking for a patio heater you can use on the go? The Swan Al Fresco Portable Patio Heater is a great choice for someone who’s always on the move or who has little space for storage. Weighing just 8.79kg, this garden heater can’t be beaten when it comes to portability. Super lightweight and compact, it is easy to transport and to store away. You can place it under tables or on top of them and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry. 

As an electric patio heater, despite being small, this outdoor heater is incredibly energy efficient. With 1200W of power and an aluminium reflector, this portable patio heater features one of the most efficient carbon fibre heating elements on the market. 

Overall, this patio heater is by far the best for portability. If you’re someone who’s always on the move – whether you’re a keen camper or just like to have a heat source wherever you go, don’t be left without a Swan Al Fresco Portable Patio Heater.

Best Freestanding Electric Patio Heater: Amazon Basics Garden Heater

Electric | Freestanding | Adjustable | Sturdy 

If you’re the owner of a fairly modest garden patio, without much seating or furniture, then the Amazon Basics Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is a very good option. It’s slim design means it takes up little room, allowing plenty of standing space for summer socialising. Thanks to its built-in, stainless-steel table top it’s positioned at the ideal height for drinks and nibbles. With 46,000 BTU’s of heat output, this outdoor heater offers optimum power, while not being too overpowering. 

The Amazon Basics Electric Patio Heater is also incredibly easy to use and control. Featuring a Piezo ignition system, you simply push a button to start it up. And, thanks to the durable aluminium, plastic and steel materials, as well as the all-weather tank cover, you don’t have to worry about this outdoor heater giving way during the colder months. 

Ultimately, if you enjoy being outdoors in all weathers – even in the coldest depths of winter – this makes for one of the best outdoor heater options. Made from durable, rugged materials and being incredibly powerful, this electric patio heater doesn’t skimp when it comes to heat. 

Best Column Patio Heater: Swan Al Fresco Garden Heater

Electric | Tall | Sturdy | Freestanding 

If you’re looking for a discreet, slim-line garden heater then the Swan Al Fresco Column Patio Heater should top your list. With two temperature settings to choose from, including 1000W or 2000W, you can easily adjust it to suit your heat needs. It also features a safety switch with a 360-degree tip-over, which means it will automatically turn off when tilted to prevent any scorching or burning if it falls over. 

Despite being quite small and compact, this electric patio heater does feature a 1.8m long power cord for extending out into the garden. It’s also one of the taller column patio heaters we’ve seen, making it more efficient at warming your hands and face, while still being a handy freestanding option that doesn’t need to be placed on a tabletop. 

So, if you’re after a small but mighty patio heater that won’t take up much room but will still provide optimum temperature, the Swan Al Fresco Column Patio Heater might be your best bet.

Best Outdoor Electric Patio Heater: Opranic Electric Patio Heater

Electric | Adjustable | Remote Control | Compact 

With so many electric patio heater options on this list, we thought we’d pick out the very best of the bunch. The Opranic Electric Patio Heater offers 2000W of power and comes with a textile cover to keep it safe when out of use. There’s also a safety function that automatically switches the heater off when tipped to prevent burning. But, what we think really makes this patio heater stand out is the 10,000 hours of battery life that it comes with. So, no more trying to stretch the power cord to the other end of the garden with no success. 

Not only is this electric outdoor heater powerful, but it’s super sturdy too. With an aluminium body and a knitted carbon filament. The infrared function makes this patio heater incredibly efficient, only heating objects nearby and not the air itself. 

The verdict? Anyone looking for a compact but powerful electric heater are in luck with the Opranic Patio Heater. No more skimping on efficiency or power. 

The Best Hanging Patio Heater: Aluk Outdoor Heater

Electric | Discreet | Remote Control | Easy to Store 

One of the best patio heaters for gazebos, pergolas or covered balconies, the Aluk 2000W Outdoor Heater provides a discreet option that you can neatly hang above your heads. This hanging garden heater is also infrared, which means you’ll feel the heat directly when sitting beneath it. And, given its small, slim frame, the 2200W power is pretty impressive, and it makes it super easy to store away when not in use. 

Obviously, with its hanging design, you will need some way to hang this electric patio heater up – so that’s something to bear in mind. But, if you have a solution to this, the Aluk garden heater will make a great option for hosting large-group events – especially as it doesn’t take up any room on the ground, and there’s no chance of anyone knocking it over. What makes this garden heater even better is that it is remote controlled for super easy operation. So, you won’t have to elegantly climb on a chair to switch it on and off or change the setting. 

Best Wall-Mounted Garden Heater: Swan Al Fresco Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Electric | Wall-Mounted | Waterproof | Remote Controlled 

If you want your patio heater to be a permanent feature in your garden then the Swan Al Fresco Wall Mounted Patio Heater is the answer. Simply mount your outdoor heater on the wall and let it stay there all year round. You don’t have to worry about it being damaged in the rain thanks to it being fully waterproof and designed to withstand any weather conditions. It can be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally based on your preference. 

With a 1.8m power cord, this wall mounted patio heater can be placed a good distance away from your living space, making it a good electric patio heater for larger spaces. It also comes with a remote control, as well as an on/off button on the side of the heater itself, so you can control from near or far. And, let’s not underestimate the power of this wall mounted garden heater – with a total of 1800W it will keep you plenty warm. 

Overall, the Swan Al Fresco Wall Mounted Patio Heater provides a slick option that can be discreetly installed on any wall to offer all-year-round warmth. With minimum effort, you can install this patio heater and leave it in place for years. 

Best Stylish Outdoor Heater: RealGlow Gas Patio Heater

Gas | Freestanding | Stylish | Powerful 

Are you looking to make a statement with your patio heater? If so, you should splash out on this freestanding, stylish gas patio heater. The RealGlow Garden Heater features a real spiral effect flame which gives off a luxurious vibe that will take your evening soiree to the next level. Defying the usual patio heater aesthetic, this modernist-style outdoor heater will surely catch the eye of your guests. But, it’s not just a pretty face. 

This gas patio heater showcases a 13.5kW output which will provide plenty for a group of at least five people. Ignition is super simple and quick so you won’t be left standing in the cold waiting for it to heat up. And, it even comes on wheels for ease of movement, so you can transport it from one end of the garden to the other with minimal effort. 

Ultimately, the RealGlow Gas Patio Heater really is something special. If you’re concerned about how a garden heater might disrupt the views of your garden, you don’t need to worry with this stylish option. 

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