Best Camping Mattress UK: The Best Camping Mats and Mattresses 2022

Snooze soundly with these inflatable and memory foam sleeping mattresses and mats. We have selected the best camping mats and mattresses for every occasion – from self-inflating mattresses and memory foam mats to roll up camping mattresses and lightweight sleeping mats. 

The best camping mattress or mat will depend on the person purchasing it and their priorities. There are an endless number of camping mats and mattresses on the market, ranging from larger double camping mattresses down to feather lightweight mats that can be taken anywhere. 

The key things to look for when shopping for the best camping mattress are type, R value and portability. 

Types of Camping Mats and Mattresses

Broadly speaking, there are two types of camping mats: the inflatable or self-inflating mattress or the foam mat. Both types of mattresses of camping have their pros and cons, so it’s important for you to look at exactly what you’ll be using it for. For example, we’d typically say that the best camping mat for longer trips is an inflatable one. Whereas, if you’re only going for a weekend-long camping trip, a foam mat will likely suffice. 

Camping Mattress R Value

The R value of a camping mattress indicates how warm it will be to sleep on. Given that the main purpose of a camping mat is to keep you insulated from the cold ground, the R value of your mattress is an essential consideration. 

The higher the R value of your camping mat or mattress, the more insulating it will be. In general, an R value below 2.0 is meant for summer use only, while a mat with an R rating of 2.0 to 4.0 should suit 3-season use. And, if you’re an all-weather camper, you should look for a 4.0 or above for winter. 

Camping Mat Portability 

Another key factor to consider when shopping for the best camping mattresses is how easy they will be to travel with. If you’re planning on carrying your camping mat around with you (e.g. if you’re backpacking), you’ll want to opt for a lightweight sleeping mat that won’t weigh you down. It might also be good to look for a roll up camping mattress that can easily fit in your backpack or be strapped to the front.

The Best Camping Mats and Mattresses 

Best Camping Mattress for Comfort: Thermostat NeoAir XLite Sleeping Mat

The Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping mattress is light and portable, designed to make adventures far from home a little more comfortable. It is one of the most compact and all-round best camping mats on the market. Perfect for travellers, this lightweight sleeping mat takes up as little space as possible in your backpack, then inflates easily to offer a comfy night’s sleep in the great outdoors. 

The NeoAir XLite lightweight camping mattress offers a firm and supportive surface that keeps you safely elevated from the bumpy ground. Weighing 354g and packing down the size of a water bottle, this camping mat is super portable.It also provides optimum insulation in cold weather thanks to its high R rating of 4.2, but if you tend to get very cold, you should consider the warmer, heavier Thermarest NeoAir XThem instead. 

The price point of this large camping mattress means that it is one for dedicated wild campers and multi-day hikers who are going to make the most of it. Casual campers might be able to get away with one of the simpler, cheaper options on this list of the best camping mattresses. Also, the downside to choosing a self-inflating camping mattress over a foam-based mat is that they run the risk of puncture, but the Thermarest seems to stand the test of time and does come with a repair kit for on-the-go fixes. 

So, what’s the conclusion when it comes to the Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping mat? For dedicated wild campers and experienced hikers who need a lightweight, portable and comfy camping mattress, this is one of the best you can get. In fact, we reckon it might be one of the lightest camping mats out there. But, for amateur campers who are just starting out with short trips, we’d advise picking something simpler and cheaper.

Best Roll Up Camping Mattress: Trekology UL80 

Next up on our list of the best camping mats and mattresses is the Trekology UL80. This roll up camping mat is super thick and cushioned when inflated, but packs up miraculously small when packing away during the day. While being thick enough to provide an ultra-comfy sleep surface, keeping you off the cold, bumpy ground, the surface is slightly curved up at the edges to keep you in the centre and minimise the chance of you rolling off in the middle of the night. This thick camping mattress is also slightly longer than others, making it a great option for taller campers. 

Made from 40D nylon with a water-resistant coating, the Trekology UL80 camping mat does feel durable. It features a one-way valve that makes it easy to blow up manually. Or, you can deploy a standard electronic pump to do the job a little quicker. The thickness and resistant material means this lightweight camping mattress is insulating enough for warmer weather with an R rating of 1.6, but if you’re looking for a mat for autumn or winter camping, this might not be the one for you. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a compact yet comfy, cushioning camping mat that won’t break the bank, then this is your answer. While for cold-weather trips, you’ll have to invest in something with more insulation, for summer nights it will provide plenty of warmth.

The Best Camping Mattress for Portability: Exped SynMat UL

It’s not hard to see why the Exped SynMat UL camping mattress is so popular. It packs down super small, is extremely lightweight and very comfortable. Packing down to the size of a water bottle, you won’t come across many camping mats more compact than this one. Despite it’s ability to pack down so small, its 7cm thickness when inflated makes it incredibly comfy, even for side-sleepers. 

With a 3.3 R rating, this compact camping mattress will keep you for 3-season use, so you can camp all year round. Also, weighing just 450g, as the name suggests, the Exped SynMat Ultralight is ideal for carrying on long hiking trips. The rectangular shape and curved surface of this camping mattress holds you comfortable in the centre so you don’t wake up on the floor in the middle of the night. We also like how quiet this mat is to sleep on – many camping mattresses crinkle with the slightest movement, but the SynMat remained pleasantly silent.

So, overall, the SynMat Ultralight camping mat is a highly portable and packable option for campers that like to move around. It is great for keen campers and backpackers through autumn, summer and spring, but the slightly higher price tag might put some less experienced campers off. 

The Best Self-Inflating Camping Mattress: OCOOKO Self-Inflating Camping Mat

Our fourth pick of the best camping mattresses is the OCOOKO self-inflating camping mat. Very convenient and one of the comfiest mats we’ve tried, the OCOOKO features a unique curved, padded design that adapts to the shape of your body and guarantees a fantastic sleep. The curved sides reduce the risk of you sliding out during the night and finding yourself on the cold, hard ground. 

Made from 40D nylon, this self-inflating camping mattress is insulating, waterproof and moisture-resistant. Keeping you far enough off the bumpy ground to keep you warm and crafted from durable materials, this self-inflating camping mat ensures a comfortable snooze. Despite being so functional, the OCOOKO sleeping mat is also designed to be incredibly portable. With an ultra-lightweight design, this inflatable sleeping pad can be folded up to the size of a water bottle. And, with handy snap fasteners on the side, you can easily attach two together to turn it into a double bed for camping couples. 

In conclusion, if comfort is your main priority when camping in the great outdoors, the OCOOKO self-inflating camping mattress might be just the ticket. And, with a much lower price tag than some of the other camping mattresses on this list, it is accessible to all levels of campers.

Best Memory Foam Camping Mattress: INVOKER Memory Foam Camping Mat

Another good one for comfort-lovers is the INVOKER memory foam camping mattress – a favourite for many outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its thickness and cushioning capabilities. With an inflated size of 196x70x8cm, this memory foam camping mat is guaranteed to make sure you don’t feel anything on the ground and is well insulated from the cold so you can have a super comfortable night’s sleep. 

The outer shell of the INVOKER memory foam mattress is made from tear-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about stones or branches damaging the air cushion and causing punctures. This memory foam mattress is self-inflating and deflates quickly thanks to its rapid inflation technology. In just 25 seconds you can have this mattress up and ready to sleep on. 

Overall, the INVOKER memory foam camping mattress offers maximum comfort for those who need a little cushioning for a good night’s sleep. If you don’t like to give up all your home comforts when heading out camping, this might be the best camping mattress for you.

Best Double Camping Mattress: Elegear Double Camping Mattress for Couples

Now for the best camping mattress for couples! Want to get cosy next to your fellow camper? This double camping mattress from Elegear is a great way to sleep comfortable together, especially if you’ve already invested in a double sleeping bag. Or, maybe you just want a little more room for yourself? A double camping mat makes for a more luxurious sleeping surface for just one person. 

The highlight of this double camping mattress are the built-in pillows which feature a U-shape to provide optimum support for your head and neck while sleeping. No more waking up with a cricked neck! And, you won’t even have to drag an air pump with you – the Elegear double camping mattress adopts a built-in treadle pump design, so all you need to do is stomp on the pump to inflate it in just 45 seconds. Made from a combination of 40D nylon and TPU, this camping mattress for couples is thick and durable while still being super lightweight for easy transport. 

Ultimately, the Elegear double camping mattress makes for the perfect outdoor bed for couples. If you’re looking to snuggle up for some extra warmth in the great outdoors, this is likely the best camping mattress for your romantic adventures.

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