Introducing Techno-Mads.

Fellow Techno-Mads. Welcome to my blog all about the latest must-have travel technologies that allow you to ‘travel smarter’.

It seems ironic that I have chosen to start writing a travel technology blog when travelling is banned. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in late 2020, travellers all around the world were forced to put away their backpacks, file away their passports and come to terms with the inevitability of locking themselves away in the house. While this was a difficult thought to contend with, no one ever thought it would continue for so long. Perhaps it is this lack of exploration and the feeling of being trapped that has given me the kick I needed to finally start the travel gadget blog I have always wanted to.

The Travel Trend

While travel is at an all time low, I am certain that soon enough, we will be back on the move. Before the pandemic hit, a report by the World Tourism Organisation, estimated that a global population of 8.5 billion people will take approximately 2 billion international trips by 2030. We are travelling more than ever before and this trend is set to keep increasing.

As travel progresses, so too should the travel industry. As travel continues to become the norm, the industry ought to be constantly enhanced and transformed. From technology to sustainability, travellers are expecting ever more. There are already so many useful tools, technologies and apps available that allow us to travel more comfortably and more frequently.

Technological advances have revolutionised the way we travel, with a whole range of high-tech travel gadgets and travel accessories being available. As far as I’m concerned, travel and technology are a match made in heaven. This power couple has had a huge influence on the way we travel today – whether it is our choice of destination, what we do once we’re there and even how we remember our trip once we’ve returned. Millennials have played a massive role in this shift. We love to travel and many of us are also passionate about new technology. This combined interest has created a whole new context in which social media, apps, blogs and high-tech gadgets have a more important role to play when travelling the globe.

While we often hear complaints that our generation rely too heavily on technology, and many argue that we should use travelling as a way to disconnect from the all-encompassing smart phone, a study by YouGov found that respondents claimed that technology enhanced Travel technology has become so popular that we don’t even realise how much we rely on it. A study by YouGov found that laptops largely dominate how travellers prepare for their trips, including throughout the planning and booking processes. For better or for worse, travel technology including smartphones, AI, social media and electronic payments have influenced travel in infinite ways.

However, I would argue that travel tech has transformed world travel for the better. Technology has made travelling more environmentally friendly and much less time-consuming.

  • Long gone are the days of printing flight tickets, boarding passes and hotels reservations – owing to online reservations, mobile check-ins and e-tickets we are able to save huge amounts of paper and time. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Technology has also saved us space! Gadgets such as the Kindle and apps like Spotify have made squeezing all our essentials into our suitcase that much easier. We no longer need an ipod to listen to music, instead we can easily stream our tunes on the go. The same thing goes for books. Rather than forcing in as many books as possible last minute, you can simply slip in your kindle and take an endless amount of reading material, leaving plenty of space.
  • Technology has even helped us surpass the barrier of language. Not too long ago, it was essential to carry around a language handbook to help understand the native language and to attempt those simple phrases. Today, all you need is a smartphone. With the help of trusty apps like Google Translate and iTranslate, you can seamlessly interact with locals wherever you are in the world. There are even apps like Duolingo to help you learn languages before you start your voyage.

A Bit About the Blog

The aim of this travel tech blog is to help fellow nomads travel smarter with the help of the latest and greatest travel gear available. I will be reviewing the best travel products out there, providing travel tips and recommendations and whatever else I deem to be useful or interesting for those who love to travel the world.

This travel blog isn’t targeted towards a specific audience. Whether you avidly travel to all corners of the earth, enjoy taking trips every now and then or are planning your first holiday abroad – I hope you will find the content of this blog helpful. While I plan to cover high-tech travel gadgets that will only appeal to expert travellers, there will be plenty of content covering everyday travel accessories that are ideal for any level of travelling.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in all things travel tech. I am simply a 23 year old woman who enjoys travelling and loves to find the best technology and accessories to make exploring the world even more memorable. So, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find something that will make your travel experience that bit more special.

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